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The cultural sector is in a period of significant change. It is imperative that we let go of outdated, inequitable practices and focus our energy on developing a field that is more inclusive and open to new ideas. With that in mind, we are focusing on new programs, new staffing models, new exhibits, new content, and new ideas for the 2023 Visitor Experience Conference. We encourage you all to try something new in your institutions this year, and then come back and tell us all about it in a session at next year's conference just outside of Philadelphia in the idyllic Brandywine Valley and Wilmington, DE.

We invite you to join us for the twelfth annual Visitor Experience Conference, held in Wilmington and the Brandywine Valley October 22-25, 2023 as we look at what the future holds for culture and tourism.

Wilmington, DE 

Located just 30 minutes south of Philadelphia, Wilmington is home to a host of great cultural institutions both in the city and throughout the Brandywine Valley. Folks flying in will arrive at Philadelphia International Airport and those of you on the eastern seaboard can take Amtrak directly to Wilmington. The conference hotel, Hotel du Pont, is located in Downtown Wilmington, surrounded by restaurants and cultural attractions and located just a few blocks from the Amtrak station.

The Brandywine Valley is home to several of the folks you see at the Visitor Experience Conference each year. VEX President and Founder Nicole Krom works in marketing at Longwood Gardens, VEX Vice President and Hospitality Chair Kyle Cantarera is in charge of Visitor Experience at the Mt. Cuba Center, and VEX Vice President and Communications Chair Pat Wittwer runs Guest Experience at the Delaware Museum of Nature and Science. We are excited to welcome you to our backyard for this year's conference!

Brandywine Valley Experience

VEX23 Attendees will spend Tuesday, October 23 visiting several Brandywine Valley institutions. Attendees will have time to visit a variety of institutions, have in-depth conversations with staff, and get a behind-the-scenes look at the operations. Our goal is to provide a more involved and immersive experience with the people who bring you the conference each year in their home institutions and enhance the overall conference experience.

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