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The Visitor Experience Group (VEX) is a nonprofit run by volunteers - the board of directors, committees, and ambassadors. There are several ways you can support the work of VEX and help ensure we can continue to meet our mission of providing leadership, support, development, and encouraging collaboration in the areas of Guest Services, Audience Engagement, and Operations.

  1. Donate - You can make a donation to the Visitor Experience Group through our PayPal account by clicking the button at the bottom of the page.

  2. Merchandise - Click on the Merch option on the site menu above to purchase an official Visitor Experience Group shirt.

  3. Sponsor - You can learn more about sponsoring the annual Visitor Experience Conference on the Sponsorship page.

  4. Participate - Join us for the next VEX Ed Webinar or at this year's Visitor Experience Conference.

  5. In-Kind - Provide a complimentary service (i.e. headshots, massages, resume reviews, etc.) for our audience at our next conference. Send us an email to discuss options.

  6. Volunteer - Learn more about how to join our team on the Get Involved page.

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