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To provide leadership, support, development, and encourage collaboration in the areas of Guest Services, Audience Engagement, and Operations.


All cultural institutions recognize and promote the importance of the visitor experience.


Service + Engagement = Experience

Proactive, quality service combined with meaningful, attentive engagement, leads to exceptional experiences for visitors and staff.


We believe hiring practices should be transparent and all job postings should include accurate salary ranges.

Museum leadership needs to include front of house representation.


In our work we strive to bring attention to inequities in the cultural sector and encourage institutions to actively pursue a more inclusive, accessible, diverse, and equitable workforce.

We believe in a people-first approach – institutions are nothing without the people whose work propels and upholds the mission.

We strive to provide a platform to amplify diverse voices in our field.

We seek to promote diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility in the policies, practices, operations, and organizational culture of the cultural organizations that VEX serves.

We advocate to increase the diversity of representation at every level of the organizations we serve, and for the strategic recruitment of persons of color and amplify their voices in decision-making.

We strive for racial justice and to actively promote anti-racist methodologies.


Quality work happens when creativity is encouraged and supported with appropriate resources.

We believe in the power of change and leading that change as innovators in the field and through the promotion of best practices.

We recognize that the best ideas come from diversity in people and experiences.


We believe in collaboration between individuals, institutions, and within the community at large.

We believe that a fun, safe, and engaging work environment leads to quality experiences for guests and staff.

We believe that guest services are one of the fundamental priorities of any cultural organization.

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