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Michael Padilla

Audience Engagement Co-Chair

Michael is currently a rising and dynamic visitor experience manager in the museum field. Born and raised in the South Side of Chicago as a Latinx/Queer and outspoken person. Starting his career journey in 2010 as a Teen Volunteer with Education he learned the museum landscape and evolved his communication skills over the years. His current work revolves around leading frontline team members, strategically working through ticketing system needs, and program management mentoring youth interns, contractors, and frontline staff. Michael’s goal is to continue to uplift and represent the frontline team through decision-making and strategic strategies of making the museum as diverse and accessible through various seamless processes. He also has been most recently served as a DEAI Co-Coordinator to assist the museum through DEAI initiatives and beginning a staff led council, continuing his passion from lived and college experiences of DEAI.

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