VEX21 Events

Museum Quizzo

"Quizzo" is the name for bar trivia in the Philadelphia region. In this event, attendees will be randomly grouped into teams that will compete through four rounds of ten questions per round, each question worth one point. Teams will have the opportunity to double their points in one round and the three teams with the best names can earn bonus points - that means the best possible score will be 43 points. Each member of the winning team will be awarded prizes.


Battledecks, also known as Powerpoint Karaoke, is where improv meets interpretation. Contestants will have a few minutes to interpret a group of slides they have never seen before, all tied to a central theme, and the audience will vote for their favorite! If you would like to be a contestant, please let us know when you register for the event! The Battledecks champion will take home some sweet prizes to accompany their bragging rights.

Dry T-Shirt Contest

The Dry T-Shirt Contest, included with your conference admission, is a chance for us to celebrate comfort and glorify geekiness as we show off our nerdiest tees. Whether you rock a museum tee, something featuring a favorite character, or any shirt that makes you geek out, show it off during this contest for a chance to win cool prizes! Contestants will face off in small groups, tournament style, and will move on to the next round via audience vote. The last tee shirt standing wins!

We took the time to create a signature cocktail for you to enjoy throughout your #VEX21 experience! Our Frontline Punch recipe can be made with or without alcohol depending on your preference. Check out our YouTube channel for video instructions to make your own Frontline Punch at home! You can also check out the recipe card over on our Instagram page (@vexconference).

VEX21 Cocktails